It’s Time!

This is the very first post of the podcast-duo no one has ever heard of: The Champ and the Rookie! One possible reason for why no one has heard of said podcast could be that we haven’t actually started yet, but we promise you this: the first episode will be up and running somewhere as soon as we find out where that is and when to record it (hopefully in a day or two). The concept of the Podcast is simple: two guys with varying degrees of knowledge and competence discussing the UFC and MMA.

The two guys are Jo; a fairly young man with great aspirations of being an author. Jo considers himself  a  UFC know-it-all – although he is quietly aware of this being less than completely true – and Shaun; a very-slightly younger male specimen with significant skills in film-making and acting, but very little knowledge about the UFC.

The podcast, as well as this blog, is not only about what is happening right now in the UFC, it is also a journey. As Shaun and Jo have different levels of knowledge (but same level of interest) in the UFC, The Champ and the Rookie will be two friends and fans, NOT experts (!), discussing and learning more about the noble art of pummeling other people until they can take no more pummeling. The Champ and the Rookie might not always provide you with the most reliable, inside news of the worlds biggest fighting-promotion, but it will give you lots of laughs and the chance to develop your own knowledge of one of the world’s most extreme and fascinating sports as we develop ours.

Watch this space for more UFC news, articles and opinions as well as time, date and place for the very first Episode of The Champ and the Rookie!post


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